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Youth Development : Precious Pillars of Future India

Youth are precious in any society and they are the pillars of its future generation. If youth are trained in right spirit in right time, they can be well directed, to achieve any impossible things because they are arrows in the hands of the society and the dynamite man power.

NSM offers to train youth on various subjects so that they do not fall prey in to the hands of communal elements but be able to prove themselves as a reputed individual who are committed to care for their family and are dedicated to serve their society and the nation. To achieve this goal NSM extends vocational guidance, training and financial support to underprivileged youth on

a) Life skill and leadership skill education and training
b) Vocational and skill training
c) Youth groups & saving
d) Social and community action plans.
e) Information assimilation and net working with working youth
f) Functional literacy.

It is one of the human values that we help one another, particularly the under privileged youth who would become a youth with a vision to help himself and to help others and thus involving in nation building. We invite the youth who are privileged, individuals and institutions to extend your support in this noble and life building endeavor.